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krista elliott freelance writer nova scotia
The right words.

Are your words pulling their weight? 

Or do you have web copy, email copy, and blog content just sitting there, freeloading, taking up room on your couch and eating all your snacks? 

Time to whip those layabouts into shape, and get shareable content and compelling sales copy that not only reflect your brand, but that work together to grow your business.


Enough of the blah-blah-blog. I create blogs, e-books, and white papers that really speak to your ideal customer, addressing their problems, and positioning you as the first place they go when researching a purchase.


The fun part? It also helps turns them into leads. Sneaky, huh? 


Put your website to work with copy that grabs your readers' eyeballs (not literally, because that's both gross and technologically impossible).

Whether it's offers, landing pages, emails, or sales pages, I create copy that makes your sales funnel so darned attractive, people will dive in headfirst. 

Psst...don't know who your customers are or what their problems might be? I can help with that too. 

Hi, I'm Krista Elliott. And I'm all about making sure you get the most out of what your business is saying.


Are your blog posts and e-books languishing in a dusty, forgotten corner of your site, giving you nothing but a mild sense of frustration?


Or, is your web and sales copy so generic and mild, it likes long walks on the beach, Golden Retrievers, and a bedtime snack of graham crackers and tap water?

I can fix that. 

Krista Elliott freelance writer

Imagine... attention-grabbing content and focused sales copy that reflect your brand and what you have to offer. Imagine material that gives you a smooth content marketing process, drawing in your ideal customer, turning them into leads, and converting them into customers.


Whether you're all suit and tie or "let your freak flag fly", your copy and content will reflect who you are, attracting the people who'll love what you have to say. 

krista elliott freelance writer nova scotia

"Krista can get deep into the emotions of an audience, viewing everything she writes from their mindset, while still keeping our clients' business goals at the forefront. 

I need writers who are strategic partners, not just order takers, and Krista's ideas about how to improve what we're doing have made her invaluable to me.

Her ability to nail the client's voice and write with authority have been key in creating important new client relationships, making a tremendous impact on my agency. Plus, her smarts and humor make her a delight to work with."

- Beth Carter, Clariant Creative

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