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Copy and Content That Make You Irresistible

You know the customers who you just adore? The ones who feel more like friends than clients? If you were a red-headed orphan, you'd refer to them as "kindred spirits" before sitting down with some cherry cordial for a good gab.

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could get more customers just like that — people who dig your vibe, love what you do, and even better, who tell all their friends about you? 

For that to happen, you've got to tell the world who you really are! 

Think about it: If you're goofy and love to laugh, but every word your company puts out is so conservative, it wears pinstripes and a monocle...

Then WHO do you think those words are going to attract?

Not the people who will appreciate who you really are, that's for sure.  

It is SO easy to think that professional = no personality. 

After a decade of communications experience, I get it. Hoo boy, do I get it. We were all told that any glimpse of humour*, warmth, or grit is unprofessional and would ensure we wouldn't be taken seriously. 

So, we've all been following that formula. Keep it safe, keep it bland, keep it corporate. 

The result? Most companies now have websites that are thisfreakingclose to being patented as a cure for insomnia. 

*Yes, I'm Canadian. Don't worry, I always remember to get rid of the superfluous "U"s for my American clients.

From "Be the Same" to "Be Yourself"

FORTUNATELY, times have changed. Our brands are burning their bras and enjoying sweet, sweet freedom. 

Yay, right? 

Well...hang on.

It's Not as Easy as You Thought

Freedom to break free can be exhilarating, but it's also scary, and a bit overwhelming.

Maybe you don't know HOW to write in your authentic brand voice. Maybe you're struggling with how to be real but still professional (yes, you can be both!) 

Or maybe you've got your brand and your voice down pat, but just don't have the time to create all the web copy and shareable content that will put your voice out there, bringing in all of those awesome kindred spirits and growing your business.

My previous experience in PR combined with my passion for content marketing and copywriting gives you the best of both worlds: copy and content that bring out the best in who you really are. 

Instead of trying to be something you're not, let's explore who you are, who your best customers are and why you love them (and why they love you). And let's get you out into the world looking and sounding like a spiffy and freshly-showered version of yourself. 

Who YOU are is perfect. 

My job is to help you find the people who will think you're perfect too. 

So why am I doing this? Because I've been there. As someone with a big laugh, a sharp wit, and a lot of opinions, I've felt the pressure to fit that narrow, stifling mold. To be someone I'm not.

It's taken years, a few hard lessons learned, and some words of wisdom from people who were willing to play Yoda to my Luke, but here I am, ready to help you out, young Padawan.

Get your real voice out there, we will. 

Let's Dry-Clean Your Freak Flag and Hoist it Up
Meet Krista

If I had a grain of sand for every time I've been told, "You have such a way with words," I would now be sitting on my own beach. (But I'm not. And yes, I'm A LITTLE BIT BITTER about that right now.) 

After a decade of communications work in the nonprofit sector, I launched Chickadee Communications. 


Why "chickadee"? Because they're adorable gluttons who love to talk. It's a good fit, trust me. 

I've written sales pages for yoga instructors, web copy for sprawling B2B firms, and blogs about the biological and historical underpinnings of earwax. 

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